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About Healthy Rhino…

*Small (10 Person) Classes.  You Will Feel Like You Have Your Own Personal Trainer.

*You Will Build Relationships and Make Friends in our Intimate Class Environment!

*Interval Training. Workout. Cardio. Core. Strength. Rehabilitation. Food.

*Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced in Every Class.

*Parents, Bring Your Babies, Toddlers or Children.

*Real People.  Real Results.  Real Fun.

At Healthy Rhino, we recognize most people workout and eat right because they have to… NOT because they want to! So we do things differently! We are Entertrainers! Let’s have fun with this!

With our innovative ideas in Personal Training (Within a Class), our Custom Meal Plans and personal approach to service, you will quickly see that we are quite different from other private studios and certainly, from gyms.

You will learn to enjoy social settings in real life, finding a balance in nutrition between reaching your goals and living your life. In and Out of our  Rhino Class.

You will enjoy exercise and fitness with innovative ideas and programs based on science but most importantly, you. You will not have trained like this anywhere else. We’ve created our own style of programs that are fun, exciting and in doing them, you cannot help but love the results as you reach your goals. We change the names of our exercises, create our own and we can work with any fitness level, age, shape, size or gender, injury, children (Or Any Other Escuse You Can Think Of)! 50% of what we do is results! The other 50% is environment!

From our own unique Rhino classes, you will find that reaching your goals is exactly what you want to do in you free time!

The best part… we work very hard to ensure that we meet your time and budget restraints. You’ll notice right away, we don’t charge as much as other studios and gyms. That’s NOT because we aren’t worth it… But we didn’t go to medical school so we don’t think we should bill you like we’re doctors. This industry is getting out of control! By the way, the other trainers you’ve spoken to, haven’t gone to medical school either. We bill (Much) Lower than personal trainer at places like World Health, Golds or YMCA but we bill (Slightly) higher than bootcamps. That’s because, as you’ll see from your first session with your trainer, we’re worth it… AND WE’RE NOT A BOOTCAMP!

Y0u’re in a 10 person class – We can make that personal!

At Healthy Rhino, you’ll quickly see that we are the real deal. We walk our walk, talk our talk and we live our lives too. We are not shy!

We are bringing the “Personal” back to Personal Training and one glance at our studio, you will see why! We’ll become friends and we are a family.

We’ll talk business, we’ll talk family, we’ll talk life. All while living life and working out. “I like beer and Captain Crunch but I want to look and feel good too”! What do you like?

If you are looking for a ‘military’ style of personal trainer, you will not find them here. We want exercise to be fun…

After all, we want you to do it for years to come!

Welcome to our family and welcome to Rhinoland!

      Don’t Be Frigid… We Put Out!



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